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Hey fashionistas, do you feel like fashion is always changing? Well, that's because it is and we think that can be a fun thing.  Embracing the incoming fashion trends of 2019 makes switching out the old to make way for the new so exciting! This year’s clothing color pallet ranges from beige to neon, so you’re sure to find something that will make your personality shine!

Fashion Trends for 2019 | London Bridges  

Big Hats

Time to bring out the wide brims, that's right oversized hats are going to continue being a hot fashion trend for 2019.  Nice and shady hats aren't just for hot summer days, they're a go to accessory year round. What makes hats so fun is their ability to enhance your outfit. Pair a big hat with a relaxed dress and ankle boots for a chic yet casual ensemble.

Fashion trends for 2019 include wearing big hats


Yep, tie-dye is making a comeback. The color blend experienced a brief revival during the late ‘80s. But, the fashion trends for 2019 have it coming back in full force. The modern version we are seeing today takes tie-dye up a notch, with a definite chicer appearance than the ‘60s original. Embrace the trend by wearing a matching two-piece set in Nebulas Blue or Ultra Violet, or go with something that’s a little bit subtler and a lot more "by the beach" by choosing tie-dye in yellow. To stay ahead of the trend, pair your tie-dye with a belt bag, which is basically a fancy fanny pack. Just think of all the things you can carry around with you.


Fashion trends for 2019 include wearing tie-dye

Comfy Flats

Finally the year of the flats! Yes, you can give your feet a break and set the heels on the shelf.  Fashion trends for 2019 calls for fancy or simple flats, making it easy for you to pick a pair that perfectly matches your style. Wear your flats with your favorite pair of jeans, your favorite boho dress, or a flirty-fun weekend sweater over leggings. Don't forget to don your stylish sunglasses. They are going to be big this year too! 

Fashion trends for 2019 include wearing comfortable flats

Utility Dressing

Fashion trends for 2019 include utility dressing. This year, it will be stylish to dress for function and fashion, we're talking pockets, soft materials and more length. Designers are going back to basics with their material options, so you'll be able to choose apparel pieces made from natural fabrics and in material that features a wrinkled soft texture, just like London Bridges Clothing's soft and stylish tag less dresses! Watch for more khaki styled clothing coming up in your feeds. It’s always nice when utility dressing becomes a thing since it just seems to make everyday life a bit simpler.

Fashion trends for 2019 include utilitarian styles


Made popular in the ‘80s, neon is returning for a sequel in 2019. The fabulous thing about neon is that it comes in a variety of colors, so you can really make the style your own. Not only will the bright hue be landing on girls and women's dresses, but you can also buy neon pants and socks. Complement your neon clothes with something that's craft couture. Really cute macrame bags are in fashion for 2019 as are earrings made from feathers and crystals. The easiest and best way to stand out is to don something neon.

Fashion trends for 2019 include neon

Fashion Trends for 2019 Feature a Blend of Styles

Fashion trends for 2019 feature styles that seem to cover everything from tie-dye reemerging to utility apparel becoming hip so jump online and have some fun shopping this year's latest trends!

Fashion trends for 2019 include a variety of styles

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