April Dress

The April Dress will be the most comfortable dress you will ever wear...  You just may never want to take it off, and thats ok because this dress works for any occasion.  This dress is perfect and comfy enough to just throw on your slippers and wear as a House Dress, yet nice enough to wear on a date night... just throw on your favorite pair of shoes and you're ready for a nice night out. Always be ready for anything. It flows and drapes beautifully across body & is light weight and comfortable.

The unique pockets add so much personality. Plus, you’re able to carry quite a bit without adding bulk or weighing the dress down. Be prepared to fall in love.

size chart:

XS : 0-8 Petite (tighter in arms/shoulders and 3" shorter in length)

S : 0 - 8

M : 8 - 16 

L : 16 - 3X

(We know, its a pretty wide size range. we size by the shoulders. the rest of the dress is meant to be really flowy, yet its surprisingly flattering. if you are on the line for the size, most people size down unless you like things pretty flowy.)

**Every dress is made with different fabrics so size and fit may differ slightly from one dress to another.


Brushed Poly Spandex / Brushed DTY: This is a mid weight, buttery soft fabric that will never shrink, is wrinkle resistant and fade free.  This is one of our most popular fabrics.

Brushed Ribbed: this is the same fabric as our popular brushed poly spandex. It will never fade shrink or wrinkle, is buttery soft and it has a beautiful ribbed texture.

DTY: Soft silky material that will never peel, fade, shrink or wrinkle. The fabric drapes beautifully across the body without being clingy. Its light weight and breathable. Easy to care for. 

Cotton Ribbed: This fabric is so soft and drapes beautifully off the body, is fade resistant and one of our favs.This fabric has less elastic and will hang longer. 

Cotton Spandex or Cotton Lycra: This fabric is similar to your favorite comfy T-shirt. It drapes beautifully off the body. And is very breathable. machine wash, air dry.  This fabric has less elastic and will hang longer. Machine wash, Air dry. 

Crushed Velvet Spandex: This fabric is so soft and fun. will not fade, shrink or wrinkle. everyone is going to want to touch this eye catching material.