This is little miss London & she is the reason behind this company....

    When London was very little, it became a struggle every morning getting her dressed without a full-fledged melt-down. We felt completely helpless as parents not knowing how to comfort our own child. When we figured out that London was Hyper Sensitive to fabrics/textiles it changed everything.
     We realized that finding the right clothing for her was so important. We made a list of what we needed & wanted for her.  We knew we needed to find clothes that were soft and comfortable without scratchy tags, bulky hems, seams or elastic.  We wanted to find clothes that were cute, machine washable, budget friendly and that would not fade or peel. We were surprised at how little we found.
     We knew there was no way that we were the only ones looking for this. We decided that if we couldn't find what she needed, we were going to have to create it. 
    We now design clothing so that girls of all ages & sizes can feel young, playful and beautiful... without having to compromise comfort or quality. 
    Our designer, Holly Johnson lives in Utah with her 3 kids and her Sexy Mexy.  Her love for sewing & designing began in 4H when she was 7 years old. when she was 12 years old she got her first sewing machine and taught herself how to sew. She would take clothing apart just to figure out how they were made... She has never liked using patterns so she has always created her own. She finds it so exciting to figure out how to make something beautiful to wear out of a flat piece of fabric.  You can feel confident that any London Bridges item will be a unique & beautiful while being high quality and extremely comfortable.