How to Wash & Care for your London Bridges

Here at London Bridges, we spend a lot of time sourcing the best fabrics we can find so that the clothing we make is easy to care for and will last for years to come. Most of our fabrics will never fade, shrink or wrinkle and that makes it so the material is pretty resilient. With the right care, your handmade London Bridges item of clothing can look just as good years from now as it did the day you bought it. Here are a few tips.

WASH: For all of our clothing, we recommend machine wash and lay flat to dry. Just like any item of clothing, you will get more life out of it if you avoid the dryer. If you accidentally toss one in the dryer, don't stress, the fabrics are really resilient.     

IRONING: 99% of the clothing we make does not wrinkle. But on the small chance you do purchase an item that does wrinkle, here are our tips. Because there is elastic in all our items, make sure your setting is not too hot or you can melt the elastic in the fabric. Test a small spot in a hidden area first to make sure your setting are right on the iron and quickly iron the item. I personally don't like ironing so I will lightly mist the item with a spray bottle of water and toss it in the dryer for a few minute to remove the wrinkles and it works wonderfully. Here is a link to my favorite continuous spray, spray bottles. 

STAINS: Most of our fabrics are pretty stain resistant but here are some tips that can help if needed. if you get anything on the fabric we recommend washing right away before the stain dries. if it is a grease or oil based stain, try using dish soap and scrub the area before you throw in the wash. ( I find blue dawn works best.) If you fail to remove the satin before it sets, try using aerosol spray Shout on the area. Here is the link, works wonders on grease stains. 

PILLING: We try to find the best fabrics that are resistant to pilling, that being said, when any item made of fibers gets rubbed often enough it can pill. You can always pull out your fabric shaver and quickly and easily de-ball it. (if you haven't used one before try watching a YouTube tutorial to be sure you do it correct and don't damage the item.)  Here is the link to the depiller I own and love.