How to Layer for Colder Weather

Fall is my favorite time of year and a big reason for that is that I love to layer my clothing. A day that I can get cozy in a sweater, boots and hat is a good day. Cold weather gives us the chance to layer with all our lovely accessories and adding texture and dimension to an outfit really adds interest. unfortunately, lot of people don't know how to layer correctly so we thought we would put together a few tips on how to stylishly layer for winter without adding the bulk!

Keeping the Base Layer Sleek: The first tip on layering is to keep the base simple and basic. Instead of pulling out your bulkiest clothing items, streamline your apparel base with something like a long dress with not a lot of texture or patten.

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the next step is to look for ways to add warmth without adding bulk. You can easily add tights, leggings and boots to your look. Keep your head warm with a hat and scarf. If your hair is long, consider wearing it down. Doing so will also help keep your neck warm.

It's Sweater Weather After All The top layer is where you get to add the texture. the weather will determine what type of top layer you will wear. if its just a little chilly, a thin cardigan or button up shirt will work perfectly. If its a little cooler, a plush cable knit sweater and or a jacket will add warmth but also top off the outfit perfectly. Consider wearing a cashmere-blend or wool. Both materials are super popular styles that are soft, warm and available in almost EVERY color you could imagine. The fabric combination will skim your frame without adding bulk but is known for holding in warmth. For more dimension, buy a sweater with a prominent cable-knit pattern. Also, look for one that drapes below the hips. This length is flattering for any body type.

Boots Are Made for Walking Boots are the perfect way to finish off any outfit you are layering, plus they are so much fun to wear.  They’ll look fashionable and show that your layering skills have got game. There are so many different style boots so its smart to collect several pairs of boots to have more than one styling option
How to layer for winter includes wearing a sweater

It’s Coat Time Long coats are all the rage right now and look simply stunning over long dresses. Pair this look with a long necklace or an on-point scarf. Finding a long, insulated coat adds the warmth without the extra padding look. After all staying warm while still showing off how good you are at layering is the goal we're going for! Hopefully you can find plenty of inspiration in these photos. 

How to layer for winter includes wearing a warm jacket