4 Tips to Take Great Family Photos

Time seems to go by in the blink of eye. It’s nice to have visual reminders of how our families grow and change throughout the years, making family photo shoots essential. Not only is it a good thing to have these visual reminders, but you also want them to look nice hanging on your wall or propped up on a table. Embrace these 4 tips for the best possible family pictures.

1. How to Choose Your Apparel Instead of everyone wearing the same thing, consider wearing complementary colors during your family photo shoot. This can be mixed in shades and prints. Doing so let's everyone be an individual while still blending in with the rest of the family. Mom and daughters can wear one shade while dad and his sons can wear another. For instance, mom can wear a yellow scarf while her girl, or girls, can wear a sweater in a similar shade of yellow. Dad can don a blue polo shirt, and his son, or sons, can wear the same but in different shades of blue. One of the best tips I can give when choosing what colors to go with is to make sure you pick colors that will blend in with your home decor and look good hanging on the wall of your home. Make sure not to wear anything with a logo or a loud design.

Scouting the Location The location is an important part of family photo shoots, so take some time choosing the right one. If you’re hiring a professional photographer, they will likely have a few suggestions. But, if not, then it’ll be up to you to find a good spot. On a pier or next to a water are good options as is something with a simple background like a brick wall or staircase. Keep in mind that nature always looks good in the background, so consider heading up to the mountains or out to the desert.

 Family photo shoots involve scouting the best location

Show Affection During your family photo shoot, show affection for one another. Do this with hugs and kisses on the check. Tease your kids and tickle them to bring out laughter and natural smiles. When you turn the experience into a fun and carefree time with your family, the photographer will capture the love and affection you share for one another, one that future generations will also appreciate.

 Family photo shoots involve showing affection

Consider Time of Day the best times to take photos is either in the morning or during Golden hour. Golden Hour is the time of day right before sunset where the light is gorgeous and makes everyone and everything look good. Plan to take your photos either a few hours after sunrise or before sunset. Since the sun will be at a low point in the sky, the shadows will be softer, which means that the length and angles are more flattering. The outside light has a warm glow, and this improves the look of family photos.

From getting everyone to cooperate to taking the pics when the light is just right, family photo shoots have their challenges. However, once you see the results, you’ll be glad that you have a way to remember your family from that special moment in time.