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When we want to wear comfortable apparel, we often throw on our favorite pair of jeans or a cozy sweatshirt, but the right dress can be just as comfortable. Along with giving you that cuddle up, cozy feel, an “Everyday Dress” can be dressed up or down depending on the day and what you have planned.

Dressing the “Everyday Dress” Up and Down

Wearing an “Everyday Dress” Every Day

Available in a variety of styles and patterns, relaxed dresses are perfect for your day-to-day activities. Whether your day consists of getting the kids off to school and errands or a full day of work at the office, a comfortable “Everyday Dress” is the perfect thing to wear. You won’t need to change into something "more appropriate" to meet with your child’s teacher or your boss. In fact, showing up to meetings wearing an “Everyday Dress” is a great way to make a memorable impression.

Wearing an Everyday Dress is a great way to make a good impression

Tips for Dressing Up Your “Everyday Dress”

The best thing about an “Everyday Dress” is that you can dress it up for more formal events. Do this with a hat, silky scarf, knee high boots or a nice jacket. You can also buy dresses in fancier or more casual prints. Something striped or floral is perfect for occasions when you need to dress up a bit. Notable features of these dresses are their length, which is right around the middle of the calf. The length makes them adaptable for different types of events. Pockets are another notable feature, one that adds practicality to the apparel piece. With pockets, you’ll have a place to keep your phone, keys and other items you just don't want to hold in your hands. 

Dressing up your Everyday Dress

Dressing Down Your “Everyday Dress”

Stay in your comfy dress and don your fuzzy socks once you’re home and done for the day. You can also wear a soft sweater to stay warm. Because “Everyday Dresses” drape loosely and flatteringly, there’s no need to change. In fact, they’re comfortable enough to take a nap in. If you’re running late in the morning, you’ll appreciate how fast you can get dressed and look as though you perfectly coordinated your ensemble.

Dressing down your Everyday Dress

Dressing Your “Everyday Dress” Up or Down  

Dressing your “Everyday Dress” up or down is as easy as putting on a jacket or  scarf. With two or three of these versatile dresses in your closet, you won’t struggle to decide what you’re going to wear day-after-day. The choice will be obvious.


Dressing up or down an Everyday Dress is easy

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